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In addition to individual devices, BarManiaPro also offers ready-made parks. The advantage?
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All parks and equipment in our range are available for both indoor and outdoor use.
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BarManiaPro® Ninja S

A small Ninja Warrior set up to encourage young people to exercise. Ideal for residential areas, schools and trim jobs.

BarManiaPro® Ninja M

Unique, challenging and innovative obstacles that take up little space. There are two different tracks thateach require a different technique.

BarManiaPro® Ninja L

A cool and challenging park with no beginning or end. You can vary endlessly in this park with climbing routes and techniques. Every fan of Ninja Warrior, Calishtenics, bootcamp or obstacle running will love this park. Do you want a park in your area that appeals to all Urban sports? Then this park is the best choice!

BarManiaPro® Combi park

The ideal combination of calisthenics and Ninja Warrior. You become stronger through the calisthenics devices and improve your eye-hand coordination with the Ninja Warrior obstacles. Do you want a park in your area that appeals to both sports? Then this park is the best choice!

BarManiaPro® Calisthenics XS

A compact park, perfect for basic exercises such as pull-ups, dips and push-ups. The park consists of a double monkey bar, triple push-up bar, dip bar and information panel. This park is for calisthenics in a small space.

BarManiaPro® Calisthenics S

A compact park, perfect for both basics and freestyle. With the Compact Swedish Ladder you can even practice human flags. Ideal for calisthenics in a small space.

BarManiaPro® Calisthenics M

You can climb through this park without touching the ground. A wide range for every kind of calisthenics. Bootcamp, crossfit and other urban sports can also be enjoyed in this cool park.

BarManiaPro® Calisthenics L

The perfect park for every Calisthenics fanatic. Strengthen your lower body with the leg trainer. The double abs chair is ideal for abs exercises. The dip bar is ideal for training the chest muscles. This park is also ideal for the Freestyle athlete, thanks to the extra wide bars.

BarManiaPro® Calisthenics XL

The perfect park for every Calisthenics fanatic. The wide bars provide maximum space for freestyle and the different heights offer varied training options. The Swedish wall is a must have for training the human flag. Are you up for the challenge?

BarManiaPro® Freestyle park  S

In this NLCB certified Freestyle park you can do all the exercises you can imagine. From giants, front livers, planches to 360s. For the true athlete, this park is a dream come true. With an NLCB certified park you are assured of the best quality and the most safely designed Calisthenics parks.

BarManiaPro® Freestyle park M

This NLCB certified Calisthenics park is extremely suitable for basics such as pull-ups, push-ups, muscle-ups, dips and squats. In addition, this park is perfect for athletes who want to Freestyle.

BarManiaPro® Freestyle park L

This multifunctional workout park is suitable for everyone from young to old, playful and challenging. Hang on the unique Gymnastic rings for a muscle-up! This park meets the highest safety requirements.

BarManiaPro® Bootcamp Basic

This climbing park is suitable for both public spaces and school playgrounds. Let your students climb, crawl and clamber during the break. The dive rack is ideal as a push-up bar and couple diving.

BarManiaPro® Bootcamp Advanced

You can train endlessly in this combination park of Calisthenics and Bootcamp elements. Suitable For both the individual athlete and Personal trainer. Small group training in groups of 5-10 people can be given perfectly here.

BarManiaPro® Bootcamp Extreme

Is climbing, crawling and scrambling all over the rush track your thing? And do you also want to train your body on challenging Calisthenics equipment? Then the Combination of Bootcamp and Calisthenics is for you!

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