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About BarManiaPro®

Together with our customers, we realize the coolest outdoor sports and play parks;
and also offer a wide range of services. That can be advice, inspiration, training, project
management… well, everything actually.

Calisthenics parks

We are the top brand BarManiaPro®. Our robust sports equipment
is designed to be low-maintenance and bold. 

Experience why many have preceded you!

Bootcamp elements

Climbing, scrambling, crawling and keeping your balance in one challenging course.

Quality & safety

Safety comes first! That is why all sports and play equipment from BarManiaPro
are safely designed and can be tested according to the European standard NEN-EN 16630; 2015.


You believe in connecting! You care about the neighborhood and the people – and you want to mean something to society. That is why you are the initiator of the outdoor sports park. We are happy to help you further.

Stimulate excerising

Sporting locations in the neighborhood and on the schoolyard supports that young and old are encouraged to exercise more.

3D park designs

Your park idea worked out in a 3D animation? We arrange it for FREE!

Calisthenics for Gyms

Due to the growing popularity of Calisthenics, fitness centers are also investing in Basic Freestyle Calisthenics setups!

Professional calisthenics gear

Quality calisthenics gear for your training!

Design studio

In the BMP Design Studio, you will find all our amazing Urban sportspark designs for full body workouts.
The combinations are meant to provide an inspiration for future projects as well as general idea about a possible use of available space.


Professional workout equipment manufacturer since 2013

BarManiaPro Equipment is for everybody

Our company manufactures indoor and outdoor equipment for Street Workout, Bootcamp, Freerunning and Ninja Warrior. BarManiaPro is front-runner within the design and development of Workout equipment for all ages. Building street workout parks in public spaces is a great investment in the health of citizens. Street Workout parks can be built in parks, housing areas, schools, universities, and any other public areas. Promoting health improvement, integration and fun fitness, makes the workout park a natural and intergenerational meeting point for people of all walks of life. Every detail is well thought out, from the high level of functionality and usability; to the aesthetic and robust design, easy to place in any environment.

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Maximize your training

Use our professional calisthenics gear to maximize your training for optimal results.

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