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An outdoor sports park in your municipality?

Why not? Outdoor Sports or Urban Sports are on the rise. Coming over from the US, outdoor fitness is becoming increasingly known – and therefore practitioners. In Europe, the sport is rapidly gaining popularity. For municipalities, the question is not whether, but when you will receive the application for an outdoor sports park.

The Fitpark; for every budget

Not an expensive sports complex but a sporty place in the neighborhood. Let’s be honest; budget is quite a “thing” at municipalities. Logical, because you can only spend money once. That is why an outdoor sports park is a great opportunity to facilitate many residents and sports clubs with relatively little money.

Building for the community

It is easily accessible and accessible to everyone; at any time and without entrance. Given the social and sporting purpose, a responsible investment. Local sports clubs can also do strength training there.

Frequently asked questions

These are the questions we are asked most often:

  • How reliable are the devices anyway?
  • How safe are they?
  • What about maintenance?
  • What does a park like that cost?

BarManiaPro devices are produced in the Netherlands according to the requirements of the NEN-EN 16630; 2015, NEN-EN-1176 and NEN-EN-1177 standards. We believe that is the best guarantee for safety and reliability.

The devices are designed to be low-maintenance and bump-proof. The price varies; BarManiaPro offers a modular system that allows you to assemble the park yourself. A Fitpark is already there for € 5,000.

Added value municipalities

BarManiaPro wants to offer a total package. Good material for a competitive price, combined with knowledge of Calisthenics, Freerun and Ninja Warrior. BarManiaPro is an initiative of top athletes who want to “live” the outdoor sport and want to promote this.

BarManiaPro’s added value is therefore in advice and information. We know the way – and we have the knowledge. We promote sport through demonstrations and workshops. And if there is a need for a trainer or coach, we will take care of that.

We don’t sell devices, we sell an experience.


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