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with a private on-site Fitpark

Give your fitness programme a boost by creating a company Fitpark. Your employees can then exercise at any time – before, during or after work. All you need is some unused outdoor space. BarManiaPro takes care of everything, all the way from delivery and installation to instructions. We will even arrange a personal trainer for group classes, if required.

Fitness policy aids staff recruitment 
A BarManiaPro Fitpark will help to keep your employees fit and healthy and will attract new talent too. Now that the labour market is so tight, having your own Fitpark is a tremendous advantage. It shows your employees that you value them, helps prevent stress and burnout, and exercising encourages the adoption of a healthy lifestyle too. 

From kick-off workshop to personal training 
We work with personal trainers in various countries. They will be happy to come to you to provide initial instructions for use of your Fitpark. Keen to do even more to keep motivation high? Arranging for a personal trainer to lead one or more training sessions per week is easy! Just tell us what your preferences are and we’ll make it happen.

Choose the company Fitpark,
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Company Fitpark

€ 14.950,- excluding VAT

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Company Fitpark

€ 17.500,- excluding VAT

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Company Fitpark

€ 19.850,- excluding VAT

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Company Fitpark

€ 29.890,- excluding VAT

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Have any additional requirements? Ask about the options for a Customised Fitpark!

Top 5 reasons for
exercising at work

1. Prevents

Taking sufficient exercise is one of the most effective ways of combating stress and burnout.

2. Reduces absenteeism

Good basic fitness improves resistance to disease and boosts the immune system. Make exercising at work a central part of your fitness policy.

3. Increases productivity

Not only are fit employees less likely to fall sick, they are also more productive. A healthy mind in a healthy body? You bet!

4. Shows you value your employees

By installing a Company Fitpark, you actively demonstrate your commitment to the well-being of your employees, and you work on team building too.

5. Attracts new talent

Stand out in the current tight labour market by providing your own outdoor sports facilities. Potential candidates will see them as an attractive perk of the job!

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