Turn your school into a healthy school  
with sports and playground equipment that is loads of fun to use 

Getting kids moving is child’s play when you choose a School Fitpark! We supply purpose-designed sports and play equipment for school playgrounds. This makes climbing and clambering about great fun and is ideal for challenging physical education lessons. BarManiaPro takes care of everything, all the way from delivery and installation to instructions. Turn your school into a fit school by choosing a School Fitpark! 

Combat lack of exercise 
Children are exercising less and less. This makes active play and sports at school more important than ever. Exercise not only improves children’s health and motor skills, it also benefits their cognitive and social development. BarManiaPro provides playground equipment based on sports apparatus. Through our Fitparks, we bring two worlds together, providing a challenging playground environment along with an indestructible outdoor gym! 

Our all-in concept includes… everything
Creativity knows no bounds. Add elements for free running, or a horizontal climbing wall: the options are endless. We take care of everything for you and supply the School Fitpark in its entirety, including shock-absorbent surfacing. 

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Top 5 reasons
for a School Fitpark

1. Children will exercise more

If children are healthy, they perform better in the classroom. A School Fitpark is ideal for getting kids to exercise more and in a better way.

2. Children will always be active during breaks 

During each break, your children will be able to climb and clamber about on indestructible playground equipment to their heart’s content.

3. Physical education lessons in the playground

A School Fitpark allows you to combine traditional physical education exercises (such as rope climbing and swinging from rings) with fresh new elements based on calisthenics and boot camp. An easy way to revitalise your physical education lessons!

4. Promotes an active lifestyle

A School Fitpark at your school will focus attention on a healthy lifestyle, introducing children to sport and calisthenics in a fun way.

5. The whole neighbourhood gets the chance to exercise

Is your playground freely accessible? Even after school hours, children living nearby can make use of the School Fitpark. A School Fitpark benefits everyone living nearby.

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