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Official BarManiaPro®

Become our representative
BarManiaPro® is looking for official representatives all over the world (Registered companies and individuals). BarManiaPro® offers you a partnership with the world’s leading manufacturer in the production and sale of playground and sports equipment and would like to work with your company for a mutually beneficial, reliable and long-term relationship on a contractual basis.

Cooperative benefits

As one of the leading companies in playground and Street Workout equipment manufacturing, you have superior advantages in the market! Our official BMP dealers get the opportunity to market and sell our five exclusive product lines in their countries. With our equipment, you offer your customers:

  • High quality, safe, robust and certified products;
  • 10-year unlimited warranty on our products;
  • Patented clamping system (unique in the market);
  • Innovative skills (our range is constantly expanding);
  • Becoming our representative gives you the opportunity to organize the Battle of the Bars; as we are the official partner of the WCO (World Calisthenics Organization).


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