Keen to be a Fitpark initatior?
Trust in BarManiaPro to take care of things.

You believe in connecting people. You care about those around you – your colleagues, guests, students or neighbours – and want to do something for your community. That’s why you’re a Fitpark initiator. The BarManiaPro team is there to help and support you.

As an initiator, you will have plenty to think about. Regulations, research, project management… they’re all part of the process.




What we can help you with:

  • Revising and augmenting the project plan 
  • Determining the budget and establishing a financial footing 
  • Advice on the park’s location and design


The BarManiaPro Five-Step Plan 

We have valuable information that will help you to get started on creating your park. And we are happy to share that information with you. Why? We want to work in partnership with you, helping you all we can. 

What kind of park would you like to build?
We offer six different solutions.

1. Calisthenics

In Calisthenics, you combine classic exercises like push-ups, pull-ups and squats with more creative workouts and urban sports.

2. Bootcamp

If you want to work on fitness as well as strength, nothing beats bootcamp. Short, intense exercises, climbing and running over a challenging course.

3. Para-workout

Sports and exercise are important for everyone, even if you have a disability or are in a wheelchair. Especially then you want to work on your strength and fitness.

4. Ninja warrior

An urban sports and game park that stimulates and challenges to move in an adventurous way.

5. Freerunning

A park where you overcome obstacles by jumping, climbing and balancing.

6. Train at home

A professional outdoor gym at home? No problem! BarManiaPro supplies all products and Fitparks also to individuals.