Become an active municipality
by making street workout facilities available 

We all know how important it is to adopt an active lifestyle. But how do you get the residents of your community to exercise? The answer is simple: with a Community Fitpark from BarManiaPro! We supply purpose-designed exercise and playground equipment for public spaces. A Community Fitpark makes climbing and clambering about great fun and is ideal for outdoor exercise, boot camps and workouts. BarManiaPro takes care of everything, all the way from delivery and installation to instructions. Become a fit municipality by installing a Community Fitpark.

Combat lack of exercise 

More than half of the residents in your community do not exercise enough. Many people feel daunted by the thought of entering a gym or joining a sports club. By building a Community Fitpark, you can make sports facilities readily available to local residents. The Fitpark can be used by anyone, from youngsters to older people living nearby, and by local boot camp instructors too. A Community Fitpark makes professional gym equipment accessible to everyone. Through our Fitparks, we bring two worlds together, providing a challenging playground environment along with an indestructible outdoor gym! 

Our all-in concept includes… everything  
Creativity knows no bounds. Add elements for free running or a horizontal climbing wall: the options are endless. We take care of everything for you and supply the Community Fitpark in its entirety, including shock-absorbent surfacing. 

Top 5 reasons
for installing a Community Fitpark

1. An inclusive place available to everyone

A Community Fitpark is an inclusive place where everyone can come together, whether they are young or old, athletes or disabled people. It’s a space in which anyone can exercise and connect with others, offering unique opportunities for diversity.

2. Getting older people moving more

Continuing to exercise is important not only for our health and motor skills but also for socialising. A Community Fitpark keeps senior citizens moving and improves social cohesion.

3. Challenges for children and young people

Provide kids with somewhere to clamber about, and create a popular spot for teenagers to do street workouts. Increase the level of challenge by adding free running or Ninja Warrior workout elements.

4. Basic facilities for boot camps

Boot camp and fitness instructors without access to their own gyms rely on public spaces. A Community Fitpark provides them with the perfect base from which to operate.

5. Improve the quality of the residential environment

A Community Fitpark represents an investment in a neighbourhood. All our equipment is of a very high quality and will continue to look good for years to come. A Community Fitpark gives the whole neighbourhood a lift.

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Turn greens and playgrounds into outdoor gyms! All local residents can then get fit while having fun. Invest in a healthy future with BarManiaPro.

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