Boost your workouts
using a professional outdoor gym

The best workout is a varied one, as any team coach or instructor will tell you. This is why sports clubs and associations are so excited about BarManiaPro’s Workout Fitpark. This compact, all-in outdoor gym provides all you need for calisthenics, boot camps and targeted workouts.

Add a whole new dimension to your training programme by using a Workout Fitpark. All you need is 12 m2 of unused space. We take care of everything, all the way from delivery and installation to instructions. BarManiaPro is the leading premium brand for outdoor fitness and calisthenics. As such, we can provide your club’s members with the very best in outdoor sports equipment.

Our all-in concept includes… everything  

Creativity knows no bounds. Add elements for a para-workout or Ninja Warrior programme: the options are endless. We take care of everything for you and supply the Workout Fitpark in its entirety, including shock-absorbent surfacing. 

Choose the Train Fitpark,
that works best for you

Train Fitpark

€ 14.950,- excluding VAT

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Train Fitpark

€ 17.500,- excluding VAT

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Train Fitpark

€ 19.850,- excluding VAT

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Train Fitpark

€ 29.890,- excluding VAT

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Have any additional requirements? Ask about the options for a Customised Fitpark!

Top 5 reasons
for choosing a Workout Fitpark 

1. Premium facilities

Add premium sports facilities for your club members to enjoy for only a small investment and without having to sacrifice precious indoor space.

2. Targeted training

In addition to making general fitness training a cinch, our Workout Fitpark provides plenty of options for targeting specific muscle groups. We will be happy to help you put together dedicated training programmes for your club.

3. Fully customisable

All our apparatus is modular and fully customisable. The three Workout Fitparks are ideal for the average workout. More challenging elements such as Ninja Warrior or boot camp features are easily added.

4. Safe exercise at any level

The principle behind calisthenics is that you use your own body weight. This allows each of your members to exercise at their own level in a super-safe way and with less risk of injury.

5. Improve the quality of your outdoor environment

A Workout Fitpark represents an investment in your outdoor grounds. All our equipment is of a very high quality and will continue to look good for years to come.

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Turn a small part of your outdoor area into an all-in outdoor gym! This will allow your members to work on their strength and fitness in a very targeted way. Want to train outdoors? Invest in a healthy future by choosing a Workout Fitpark! 

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