BarManiaPro® Calisthenics S

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The premium brand in Fitparks
Own production, own assembly teams
Sustainable investment: indestructible quality
One point of contact from advice to installation
Dutch design: patented components

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Detailed information


Vendor code:


Product name:

BarManiaPro® Calisthenics S

Product measurements:

786 x 563 x 311 cm

Total area:

100 m²


1088 x 923 cm

Fall height:

240 cm




  • 1 x BMP-50001 infopanel large
  • 1 x BMP-51010 triple push-up bar
  • 1 x BMP-10102 handstand bars
  • 1 x BMP-51030 inclined abs bench
  • 1 x BMP-50015 battle rig dipbar
  • 4 x BMP-51007 pull-up bar
  • 1 x BMP-10204 swedish wall
  • 1 x BMP-50500 monkey bar
  • 1 x angled column pull-up bars

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