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Ninja warrior

Ninja warrior

BarManiaPro® Ninja Warrior parks are for everyone…

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Ninja Warrior. It sounds exciting … It is exciting too! Running, jumping, scrambling, hanging, swinging; to carry out a sporting “mission” as quickly as possible. The popular Obstacle and Mud runs that you see more and more often are derivatives of it. Ninja Warrior is contemporary, fun and challenging; a sport with potential.

Ninja Warrior is a true urban sport. Nice outside, in your own neighborhood. A sport with a social function. By creating Ninja Warriorparks in public spaces, municipalities encourage their residents to move more together. The Ninja Warriorpark is the place where fun and sporting play are concerned.

For the true practitioner, Ninja Warrior is a lifestyle. You do a lot for that – you leave a lot for that. You train on strength, flexibility and endurance. Good equipment is essential for optimal training. But schedules, coaches and trainers are also an added value for this sport. BarManiaPro can be a partner in all these areas, offering more than just “stuff”. Our network is large and we are supported by athletes, representatives and associations from the urban sport. Are you interested and do you want to know more about setting up and designing a Ninja Warrior park?

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