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Initiator outdoor sports park

You believe in connecting. You care for the neighborhood and the people – and you want to do something for society. That is why you are the initiator of the Outdoor sports park. We at BarManiaPro support that and are happy to help you further.

BarManiaPro arranges it for you

As the initiator a lot comes to you. Arrangement, research, project management; it’s all part of it.

What we can help you with:

  • review and supplement the project plan
  • determine the budget + the financial basis
  • advice about the location and layout of the park

The BarManiaPro 5 step-by-step plan

We have valuable information for you that will help you on your way to the realization of your plan. And we are happy to share that information with you. Why? We want to be a partner, not a supplier.

BarManiaPro offers a total experience

Devices, workshops, training schedules and training courses. Good, the park is here … What now? How do you interest and motivate people to actually use the park? As the initiator, you are expected to also arrange these matters properly.

We provide demonstrations and workshops. BarManiaPro has teams that we use for this kind of purpose. But you can also come to us for coaches / trainers.

Which park do you want to build?

Calisthenics park
A park with simple equipment, the so-called “bars”, where you train with your body weight. Click here for more information about calisthenics parks.

Ninja Warrior
A park with special obstacles and equipment. Click here for more information about Ninja Warrior parks.

A park where you conquer obstacles by jumping, climbing and balancing. Click here for more information about freerunning parks.

What is involved?

Everything you have to take into account when initiating a sports park.

  • location, zoning plan, permits
  • safety & sustainability
  • maintenance and management of the park
  • support
  • cooperation municipalities
  • supplier & park design
  • financing

Do you want personal advice?

    • Contact our representative within 48 hours
    • Your request is entirely free of obligation
    • Fast, clear and professional advice

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