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Attract more visitors through play and sports parks

With a good play or sports area, you attract more visitors to your campsite, bungalow park, restaurant or hotel and ensure that visitors like to come back. The traditional campsite disappears and turns into a more luxurious holiday resort. The holidaymaker exchanges his tent for a chalet and expects more and more luxury. The traditional seesaw or slide is no longer sufficient in the playground of the campsite! With a lot of competition in the recreation industry, distinctiveness and customer experience are of great importance to your company. You can achieve your entrepreneurial goals with a good play or sports area!

All benefits at a glance

  • From development plan to construction
  • Fuller terraces at game areas
  • Smart investment (ROI) in repeat visitors
  • Real eye catchers
  • Free advice process
  • Success of interactive

Sports and games for the leisure entrepreneur

With a lot of competition in the recreation sector, distinctive character and customer experience are of great importance for your right to exist. Play and sports offerings are an important factor in this.

Our advisors are happy to sit down with you to develop a joint action plan. Which offer suits your company best? Can we bring pleasure and a unique experience to your company together?

Interactive game in recreation

In today’s digital world, children play differently than before and look for different challenges than before. Recreational entrepreneurs with an interactive play device have noticed that these play products are able to surprise. An interactive play device is an eye catcher. Visitors on the terrace like to watch. Parents take pictures of the children playing, which are then shared on social media.

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