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Furnish your schoolyard with the sports and play equipment from BarManiaPro

Looking for a new schoolyard? Stop, look no further! We have a passion for designing school yards and are eager to get started for you too. Fast, creative and in keeping with the vision of your school.

All benefits at a glance

  • From FREE development plan to construction.
  • Wide range of sports and play equipment.
  • For PO, VO and vocational education.
  • Personal advice process.
  • VERY successful on the schoolyard.

Tips for a new schoolyard

Do you want to furnish a sporty schoolyard, so that you can also give gym classes outside? BarManiaPro is looking for schools where at least 20 to 100 children and young people can exercise and play at the same time.

School yards serve as a sporting environment; that challenges movement. The new public square is now packed with sport and play value, where children and young people develop motor and social. Can we also set up your square in a sporty way for the future?

Why choose BarManiaPro?

  • BarManiaPro has its own design team.
  • We help you choose sports and play equipment.
  • Free advice and a customized design.
  • Impact-proof and low-maintenance.
  • Contemporary and future-oriented.

Do you want personal advice?

    • Contact our representative within 48 hours
    • Your request is entirely free of obligation
    • Fast, clear and professional advice

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