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BMP Calisthenics League

About the BCL

The BarMania Calisthenics League (BCL) is a highly competitive competition for professional calisthenics athletes to show their skills and fight for the BCL championship belt. The intention of the BCL is to bring the calisthenics and street workout movement to the forefront of the mainstream fitness industry. So the sport of Calisthenics and the athletes get its deserved recognition.

The athletes are invited to compete head-to-head through a series of 3 different matchdays in front of some of the world’s most iconic BarManiaPro Calisthenics parks. After 3 matchdays which will be held each 3 months, the total scores will be counted. Finally there will be a 4th matchday for the top 5 athletes. This is the BCL championship match. The real winner will emerge during these battles and take home the glorious BCL Championship belt.


During the matchday, athletes get opportunities to train one hour before the event starts. Athletes get the opportunity to test the bars for grip and flow possibilities. The program off the event will be presented online 2 weeks before the matchday start. Competitors can check who their opponent is, so they have enough time to train for the match and make a strategy.


Judging in all rounds consist of four judges, each one judging the overall impression based on the following criteria:

  • Statics
  • Dynamics
  • Combinations
  • Overall impression

These judges will award each athlete a score for each round. The results will be presented and handed over to the athletes on the official BCL scorecard.

To have a more fair result we will have the audience as a 5th judge for every battle. With a decibel meter we will indicate for who the crowd cheers the most. The athlete with the highest score wins extra poinst.

The judges

The judges will give each athlete a score after every round.

The host

The host is the official mc of the event. He or she will be the speaker at the BCL and will present and comment the different battles.

Rico Mesa

Have you got what it takes?

Register yourself to battle against other athletes in the BCL.

Battle rules

  • All battle’s will be one vs one.
  • (3) 6 minute rounds with 40 sec rest between each round.
  • Each athlete will have (3) 60 sec sets per round. Where its not obligated to stay 60 sec in action. If not using full 60 seconds time, will not result in lower score, if the athlete makes his statement in 30 sec the judges wil score based on that performance.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times during the battle.
  • (4) Judges: ”combo”, ”static”, ”dynamic” and ”overviewer”.
  • Honor your commitment. Show up ready to battle. Compete competitively or for fun.
  • Respect the opponent. Without the opponent, there would be no game. Thank them after the match.
  • Respect the judges. Without the judges, there would be no order. Thank them after the match.
  • Respect the spectators. most spectators are knowledgeable and appreciate a competitive, sportsmanlike match, especially if they are paying to be there.
  • Lend a hand. An act of sportsmanship is to assist a competitor, who has otherwise landed on or has been knocked to the ground, back to a standing position by offering a hand. Offer the hand in all sincerity. If it is not accepted, walk away. If it is accepted, be of true assistance.
  • No racism. Racism in any form, at any time, is unacceptable and will lead to disqualification.
  • No insulting or demeaning trash talking Let your performance speak for itself.
  • Don’t publicly criticize. If you are a competitor or part of an organization in any capacity and you have a problem, keep it in-house and go through channels. If you can’t do this, then you have to leave.
  • Competitors who wish to compete in an BCL sanctioned event must wear sponsored attire and are expected to uphold the highest level of personal and professional appearance. Enforcement of the dresscode is the responsibility of the Tournament Director, the Head Official and/or a member of an official BCL Sporting Commission. for confirmation of athlete and to advise sponsor of requirements/regulations and agreements.

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