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Equipment manufacturer

BarManiaPro is manufacturer of high quality sports equipment for public spaces and indoor training facilities. Our vandalism proof Fitness equipment provides the ultimate workout experience in the open air. Together with our clients we create robust and safe workout parks for every age. Building street workout parks in public spaces is a great investment in the health of your citizens. Street Workout parks can be built in parks, housing areas, schools, universities, and police stations.

Safe and robust

Our brand stands for appealing, innovative, robust and safe workout equipment. Our fun, inspiring and positively surprising sportsfacilities help people to stay active today and feel better tomorrow. Our vision is to be our customers’ first choice by creating the greatest customer and end user experiences possible. If you are looking for the best quality outdoor, indoor equipment manufacturer than no doubt it’s BarManiaPro.

The importance of working out

Today more and more people are living an unhealthy lifestyle where computers, TV and fast food have a large influence. We drive to work, sit down at the office, drive home and watch TV at the couch – maybe we are not moving as much as we should. BarManiaPro Workout equipment provides a public option to overcome some of the unhealthy lifestyles that are seen today. Promoting health improvement, integration and fun fitness, makes the workout park a natural meeting point all ages.

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