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Freerunning park M

  • Vendor code: BMP-52003
  • Product name: Freerunning park M
  • Colours: RAL 9005 / RAL 6018
  • Product measurements: 495 x 505 x 260 cm
  • Total area: 64 m²
  • Safetyzone: 795 x 805 cm
  • Fallheight: 150 cm
  • Certification: NEN-EN 16630;2015




BMP Freerunning Equipment™ is our latest answer to demanding Freerunning athletes across the globe. It is specially designed Freerunning equipment to create the most Xtreme workout environment for your clients.

Our team of design specialists spent countless hours working one-on-one with top athletes that compete in international Freerunning tournaments; to create the most attractive, challenging and robust Freerunning equipment around the world!

Select your BMP Freerunning Equipment™ and create the most Xtreme Freerunning park!


The BarManiaPro® Freerunning Station 5™ is specially developed to train your Freerunning & Strength skills.
This station allows you to improve your overall upper body strength, backflip & balancing skills.
The park consists of the following elements:

  • 1 x Backflip wall double sided
  • 12 x vertical column 3400 mm
  • 32 x set clamps
  • 12 x crossbar 1450 mm

(HD video) “Dutch national Ninja Warrior Champion Perriy Oosterlee in the BarManiaPro® Freerunning park”


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Product name:

BarManiaPro® Freerunning Station 5

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