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BarManiaPro® Indoor setups are designed for gyms and events & competitions. The setups can be placed anywhere desired, both indoors and outdoors. Due to the new base steel tube system, the setup can be installed on top of any floor.

Stability, quality and great looks will ensure that the BarManiaPro® setup will be the centerpiece of any event or gym. Athletes love the bars, because they feel stable, are safe for use and are appealing. BMP offers three basic setups. Customers can also request a custom made design if desired. Not convinced yet? Check out the awesome video below of the BarManiaPro® Indoor setup Large!

Prices are excl. VAT, shipping and installation costs.

BarManiaPro® Indoor setup S

The BMP Indoor setup S offers everything needed for Calisthenics. Due to our innovative flooring system, the setup is easy to install! No bolts have to be mounted into the floor. BMP Indoor setup can be placed anywhere at anytime!

Want to organise a professional Calisthenics competition or event? BMP Indoor setup provide stability and are perfect for Battles! You can also easily expand this setup in the future with more Freestyle bars.

€ 7.915,00

BarManiaPro® Indoor setup M

Try new tricks like a 360’ or even a 720’ in the Freestyle cubes. The extra wide bars (190 cm) provide sufficient space to practice new combo’s! Can you do a one arm hanstand on the double P-bars?

€ 11.855,00

 BarManiaPro® Indoor Setup L

The BMP indoor setup L will be the centerpiece of your gym or event! This enormous rig is the perfect battleground for professional Calisthenics athletes. 

Do fulll body workout routines on these good looking bars. The rig can hold at least 5 to 10 people, so its ideal for small group training as well. Are you our next satisfied customer?

€ 15.920,00

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